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Fidesz struggling to convince young voters

November 29th, 2019

The leading online liberal website reports that the governing party is concerned over its faltering support among young voters.

On Index, Tamás Fábián writes that Fidesz cannot easily connect with young voters anymore. The liberal pundit recalls that after the October municipal election, pro-government intellectuals have also raised the issue of the weakening popularity of Fidesz among young adults. Among other reasons, they accused young voters of not appreciating the achievements of the government, while some pro-government analysts claimed that the nation’s youth are now embracing Communist and neo-Marxist ideology. Fábián notes that according to various surveys, since 2018 youth support for Fidesz has declined from 37 to 25 per cent, while it is even lower (16 per cent) among university students. While Fidesz does not publicly acknowledge its problems in reaching out to the young, its intellectual hinterland is aware that the governing party needs to do something to stem the decline.

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