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Electoral system works, sociologist says

November 25th, 2019

A veteran sociologist believes the government can be defeated by the united opposition. The question is whether the challengers can prove that they are fit to govern.

In 168óra, left-wing sociologist Iván Szelényi interprets the victory of the opposition in 11 cities in October as proof that the government can be defeated in national elections as well. When asked by the interviewer if world famous economist János Kornai was wrong in predicting that Fidesz cannot be toppled in democratic elections, because the governing party has built a watertight autocracy, Szelényi’s answer was ‘yes’. Checks and balances have not disappeared, he remarks, and although the opposition ‘is harassed’, it is not terrorised. A combination of fortunate circumstances may result in a change of government, he says. His problem is whether such ideologically and politically disparate parties which make up today’s opposition will be able to govern together. On the same topic, within the news of the week, 168 Óra quotes constitutional lawyer Gábor Halmai who sticks to his earlier opinion that Hungary is no longer a democracy because the outcome of the elections is predetermined.

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