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A radical left-winger launches a wake-up call

November 21st, 2019

An anti-capitalist author calls for the creation of a strong radical left-wing movement within the opposition.

On Mérce, political scientist Attila Antal laments the absence of anti-capitalist left-wingers in the opposition alliance that won over 11 cities from Fidesz in the municipal elections in October. He agrees that a broad alliance is indispensable to topple the incumbent government some time in the future, but finds it self-defeating that at present the alliance is dominated by what he calls two liberal parties (the Democratic Coalition and Momentum) and Jobbik, a formerly radical right-wing one. The underprivileged, he explains, are not represented, which leaves them under the influence of Fidesz. But even if the opposition manages to win next time, what he calls the Orbán regime cannot be overturned on a liberal basis, he writes. Antal concludes by calling on left-wing intellectuals to courageously stand up for their ideals and build an anti-capitalist alternative.

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