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‘Treason’ charge returned in kind

October 10th, 2019

The left-wing daily rejects accusations of high treason by pro-government outlets towards opposition politicians who complain about the government’s policies in the European Union. The author retorts that they themselves are the real traitors.

In Népszava, Tamás Ungár dismisses an idea regularly surfacing in the pro-government media according to which those who accuse the government of wrongdoing in the European Union, or scuttle the candidacy of the government’s candidate for a post in the European Commission, are guilty of high treason. (See e.g. BudaPost, September 30.) He argues that on the same grounds, Hungarian émigrés after the crushed revolution and war of liberation in 1848/49 could also be called traitors. The actual traitors, he claims, are those on the government side who ‘murderously divide’ the population with their scaremongering over immigration. He lists as further examples of ‘high treason’ what he sees as pervasive corruption on the government side, as well as the building of two new Russian-designed nuclear power blocks at Paks, beside the Danube.

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