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Right-wing analyst sounds the alarm after local elections

October 29th, 2019

A pro-government political scientist calls on his governing Fidesz party to roll up its sleeves if it wants to win the parliamentary elections in 2022.

In Magyar Nemzet, Tamás Fricz warns that after winning mayoral seats and council majorities in 11 cities, the opposition may find new material and logistical resources to re-construct its network. Opposition parties have long been agonising as a result of successive electoral meltdowns, he explains. But now, “the left-liberal side has broken out of its bubble” and the disparate parties of the opposition have learned that they must coalesce into one single electoral alliance. He urges pro-government pollsters to revise their methods, as they seriously overestimated the chances of pro-government candidates. However, all in all, he believes that what is happening is normal in a democracy: “once more, we are witnessing true political competition, a real struggle of political parties”, Fricz writes.

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