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Gyurcsány’s mojo among young voters

October 22nd, 2019

Two liberal commentators investigate why former Prime Minister Gyurcsány has a strong appeal among some young voters.

On Index, Réka Molnár and Flóra Dóra Csatári wonder why Democratic Coalition’s Ferenc Gyurcsány appears an attractive choice to some young voters. In the past, the former Socialist Prime Minister appealed mostly to an audience of people of pension age, but more recently, young people began to attend his rallies, the liberal commentators write. In their analysis, Gyurcsány realized that he can reach out to young voters by using social media creatively. The former PM operates a chat robot and posts regularly on Facebook which is appealing for young Hungarians, Molnár and Csatári suggest. Young voters they talked to said they appreciated Gyurcsány’s informal style and consider him an authentic personality. Some felt flattered by the fact that they could have a world with a former PM online, without realizing that they were actually chatting to a chatbot installed on Gyurcsány’s social media platform. Molnár and Csatári note that many of his young fans were brought up in families where parents nurture strong nostalgic feelings towards former Socialist governments.