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Hungary’s Trócsányi to become Neighbourhood and Enlargement Commissioner

September 12th, 2019

A conservative commentator sees Mr Trócsányi’s nomination to Enlargement Commissioner within the European Commission as a victory for Hungary.

Ms Ursula von der Leyen, the future President of the European Commission, announced that she would entrust Hungary’s former Justice Minister with overseeing the enlargement portfolio and wrote to him that he could count on her full support during the hearings preceding the election of the Commission within the European Parliament. Hungarian opposition parties have objected to Trócsányi’s nomination arguing that he has overseen legislation which has put Hungary in conflict with the EU.

Mandiner’s Gellért Rajcsányi suggests that Trócsányi will face a hard time during his hearings in the competent European Parliament Commission but is confident that he will get the job. Hungary, he explains, has always been keenly interested in integrating the western Balkans (‘the only region where Hungary can play a significant role’) in the European Union, and Mr Trócsányi may prove instrumental in promoting that process. Rajcsányi also mentions that Hungarian ethnic minorities in countries aspiring for EU membership, including Ukraine, may benefit from the fact that the Enlargement Commissioner happens to be a Hungarian.

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