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Calls for a more radical conservative Right

September 5th, 2019

A conservative pundit calls on the Right to stick to its core ideology and defend traditional Christian ideas even if they imply policies not supported by the majority of the population. As an example, he mentions stricter abortion laws.

On Mandiner, Krtistóf Trombitás finds it disappointing that what he calls ‘anti-ideology sentiments’ are spreading on the Right as well. The conservative pundit calls on the Right to firmly advocate Christian conservative values and act in their defence even if such proposals are not backed by the majority of the population. ‘Success does not amount to an ideology’, and if the Right gives up on conservative ideas for the sake of popularity, it plays into the hands of pragmatist left-wing progressives, Trombitás contends. As examples for a more robustly conservative policy, Trombitás suggests that the Right should propose a more restrictive abortion policy, or the reintroduction of a Sunday shopping ban (see BudaPost April 13, 2016). He underscores that he is not in favour of a ‘plebeian nationalism’ advocated by the radical right, but urges a firm defense of acting and thinking in line with ‘traditional Christian values.’

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