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President Trump receives Romania’s Johannis

August 26th, 2019

Commenting on Donald Trump’s meeting with Romanian President Johannis, a conservative pundit thinks that Hungary and her interests do not matter much for Washington.

In Mandiner, Kristóf Trombitás cautions against high hopes about any improvement of US-Hungarian diplomatic relations. The conservative pundit recalls that President Trump presented Romanian President Iohannis with a cap with the inscription ‘Make Romania Great Again’. In Trombitás’ interpretation, the US President must have been aware that the slogan could be interpreted as a reference to territorial expansion and irredentism in Central Europe. While Trombitás finds it wise of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry to ignore the implications of the slogan, the government should now wake up and realize that the US considers Romania and Poland as its main regional strategic allies, and therefore Hungarian interests do not matter much in Washington.

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