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Italian government crisis likened to Hungarian politics

August 27th, 2019

A political analyst believes Italy’s Five Star movement is facing an comparable to that of two Hungarian opposition parties.

In his analysis of the political crisis in Italy on Azonnali, Péter Techet believes the Five Star Movement, which has governed for the past year in alliance with Matteo Salvini’s League, will swap partners and team up with the (post-communist) Democratic Party to prevent Salvini from winning the otherwise inevitable snap elections. The Five Star Movement, however, became popular thanks to its opposition to the previous left-wing government led by Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi. Allying itself with the Leftist establishment might alienate many of its followers, Techet writes. He adds that the Five Star movement faces a dilemma reminiscent of that facing two Hungarian parties, LMP and Jobbik. Either they ally themselves with all opposition forces, including Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition or they become de facto supporters of Fidesz in the forthcoming municipal elections. Gyurcsány was their nemesis for the past decade or more and therefore accepting him as an ally is a painful decision for both. LMP at least has already resigned itself to that compromise – Techet remarks.



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