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Opposition MEPs to vote against Fidesz nominees for EP positions

July 12th, 2019

A left-wing columnist welcomes the decisions of both Momentum and the Democratic Coalition to vote against the Fidesz nominees for key positions in the European Parliament. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, finds it sad that Hungarian liberal MEPs will vote against their fellow citizens in the European Parliament.

MEPs of the Momentum and Democratic Coalition announced that they would vote against any Fidesz nominees for European Parliament positions.

In 24.hu, Zsolt Kerner welcomes Momentum’s decision to play hardball with Fidesz in the European Parliament. The left-wing commentator finds it a good strategy to convince liberal, green and socialist Members of the European Parliament to vote against Fidesz candidates. Kerner contends that MEPs often support candidates without knowing which party nominates them, and finds it important that Momentum informs them about their affiliation to make sure Fidesz cannot claim important committee positions. Kerner adds that this also serves the interest of Hungary.

Magyar Hírlap’s István Galsai finds it nauseating that opposition politicians are mobilizing against their fellow countrymen and women in the European Parliament. In the pro-government commentator’s view, Hungarian left-wing and liberal MEPs are full of hatred. Galsai believes that Fidesz MEPs would never do such a thing against Hungarian representatives of other parties in the European Parliament.

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