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NGOs seen as accomplices of human traffickers

July 6th, 2019

Hungary’s neo-conservative news site claims that the NGO rescue ships in the Mediterranean cause more deaths in their naïve efforts to save lives.

On Neokohn, editor László Seres thinks the Italian authorities were right to confiscate Seawatch-3, a ship registered in Holland whose German captain forced her way into an Italian port with over 50 rescued African migrants on board. Hungary’s only avowedly neoconservative columnist admits that migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have more than valid reasons to emigrate but considers it evident that Europe cannot accommodate all people who would like to settle here. He argues that Europe should strictly prevent mass illegal immigration and make it clear that people rescued from the Mediterranean will be sent back to their countries of origin unless they can prove their status as refugees. At present, human traffickers expose migrants to disaster at sea because they know that NGOs will ferry them to Europe aboard their rescue ships. In other words, the well-intentioned NGO activists have in practice become complicit in mass human trafficking, Seres writes.