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Leading right-wing daily lambasts green politics

July 25th, 2019

Two pro-government columnists find the Left’s green turn complacent and ideologically driven.

Magyar Nemzet’s Ottó Gajdics criticises those he calls ‘post-Communists’ for increasingly embracing green ideology. The pro-government commentator says that he has no problems with vegetarianism, but he accuses environmentalists of fear-mongering as a pretext for an attack on traditional values as well as Christian culture. Gajdics predicts that ‘unscrupulous green manipulators’ will try to pressurise the EU to introduce regulations that will penalize meat consumption and thus hurt farmers.

Writing in the same daily, László Hackenast accuses the environmentalist Left of complacency. He finds sustainable development more important than global capitalism, but he is also skeptical whether people would voluntarily reduce their consumption to slow down climate change while globalization makes Western consumption patterns available for the whole world. Hackenast therefore finds it insincere when environmentalists suggest that we can turn around global warming without sacrificing our convenient way of life.

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