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A liberal critique of left-wing MEPs

July 16th, 2019

A veteran liberal commentator strongly disagrees with opposition MEPs who voted against Fidesz candidates for various posts within the European Parliament.

Hungarian MEPs elected on the lists of the Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition and Momentum voted against Fidesz MEPs nominated by the European People’s Party for the posts of vice chairpersons in four European Parliament commissions and deputy speaker of the European Parliament itself. In three of those five cases their left-wing, liberal and green allies undermined the candidacy of the Fidesz nominees.

On HVG online, András Domány thinks the move by the representatives of three Hungarian opposition parties was counterproductive. Fidesz MEPs in fact voted in favour of the Hungarian left-wing nominees for posts in the European Parliament, although they probably disagree with them as much as the opposition politicians disagree with the MEPs whose election they foiled. Domány also dismisses the argument that ten years ago Fidesz MEPs voted against the Socialist nominee for a post in the European Commission. Even if they had been successful, the government would have had the right to nominate someone else, whereas in this case, there are three Hungarians less in EP positions. Domány remarks that as a result Fidesz can now claim to be more ‘democratic’ than its counterparts, as it has supported their candidates despite all their differences.

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