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An alt-left critique of the Left

June 22nd, 2019

The founder of the LMP thinks that the two parties that have risen to prominence within the opposition represent two equally hopeless versions of liberalism and therefore offer therefore no real alternatives to Fidesz.

On Mérce András Schiffer, who founded the LMP ten years ago in an attempt to transcend traditional ideological conflicts and reform the whole socio-political system, sees no chance of accomplishing those goals, at least not in the foreseeable future. Schiffer first resigned as party co-chair and then left his party last year. He believes that ‘system-critical’ thinkers must now wait for better times. The European parliamentary elections, he explains, have propelled two liberal forces forward as the main parties of the opposition. The Democratic Coalition represents ‘old-school neoliberalism’, he writes, while Momentum is a more state of the art expression of the same trend.  As long as they dominate the opposition, Schiffer thinks, PM Orbán can feel safe as liberals do not tackle people’s everyday problems.

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