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Two takes of what’s at stake in the EP election

May 25th, 2019

Two leading media outlets express opposing views on who stands for what in Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament.

In Népszava, former Socialist Party Chairman Attila Mesterházy thinks voters must choose between pro-European and anti-European approaches. He suggests the latter is epitomised by the governing Fidesz party. He agrees with President Macron of France who stands for concerted action and ever stronger integration, whilst respecting national identities. He interprets Fidesz’s stance as aiming at shifting Hungary ever farther from the European Union.

In Magyar Nemzet, editor Attila Ballai, a former sports reporter, compares the opposition to a losing football side whose only aim is to cause injury to one or two players of the winning squad or whose players try to outperform each other but have lost any hope of defeating their opponent. This is why, he adds, rather than putting forward positive and realistic programs, they concentrate on condemning PM Orbán and his style of governance.

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