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Police bans extreme rightwing paramilitary demonstration

May 20th, 2019

A liberal human rights activist welcomes the police’s decision not to allow a march by two extreme-right paramilitary groups in protest against what they call ‘Gypsy terror’.

The local police in Törökszentmiklós banned the joint march of the radical right-wing Our Homeland and Betyársereg (Outlaw Army), which was called in protest against Gypsy clans allegedly terrorizing the local population. The police, however, approved the request of the same organizations to hold a demonstration that does not involve marching in uniforms.

On Index, Szabolcs Hegyi, the legal expert of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) welcomes the police’s ban on the far-right paramilitary march. The liberal rights activist agrees with the police that the march would threaten the local Roma population, and violate their right to privacy. Hegyi underlines that the ‘fascist racist gangs’ were denied the right to march in those streets of Törökszentmiklós where mostly Roma families live, but as they can demonstrate in the public square, their right to free speech and assembly has not been violated. In a passing remark, Hegyi wonders if and how the police can ensure that the paramilitary demonstration will stay ‘static’, and protesters will not walk into the Roma district.

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