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Opposition row in Budapest

April 9th, 2019

As recriminations erupt among opposition parties in the capital, instead of the hoped for full electoral agreement, left-wing outlets lambast Jobbik and the LMP, while a pro-government commentator rejoices over the incompetence of the opposition.

Left-liberal parties agreed on their joint mayoral candidates in Budapest and its 23 districts, but the LMP did not accept the three districts it was offered, judging them ‘hopeless’, while Jobbik was regarded as a useless partner in Budapest, since its voters, the Left alliance believes, would vote for Fidesz candidates in the absence of their own.

Hirklikk, a militant left-liberal site accuses the LMP of playing into Fidesz hands ‘again’, after refusing to co-operate with the Left in last year’s parliamentary elections, thereby helping Fidesz gain two thirds of the parliamentary seats.

Propeller writes that both Jobbik and the LMP equally reject co-operation with the left-wing parties and excel in attacking the rest of the opposition forces. Like Hirklikk, Propeller also ascribes Fidesz’s constitutional majority in Parliament to the LMP’s refusal to back left-wing candidates.

On Mandiner, Milán Constantinovits ridicules opposition parties as ‘the main obstacles’ to their own victory. Any potential ally which cannot accept their conditions, he writes, is immediately branded a traitor. Meanwhile, Momentum is having a hard time with its own militants after its leaders concluded an electoral pact with the Left which they originally wanted to transcend, Constantinovits reports.

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