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Hungary in the front line of energy supply competition

April 30th, 2019

A liberal commentator points out that Hungary has become less dependent on Russian gas imports, and its energy security may improve further if new pipelines are built in Europe.

On 444.hu, Péter Magyari contends that Hungary may become one of the beneficiaries of the international competition over gas imports to Europe. The liberal analyst recalls that there are several plans to construct new pipelines to Europe that would grant Hungary access to alternative sources of gas. Russia wants to build new pipelines to circumvent Ukraine, the US is trying to deliver liquified natural gas, while Norway and Romania also want to gain access to European markets. Magyari underscores that the Hungarian government supports all these competing projects. Since the 2015 completion of the Hungarian-Slovak pipeline, funded by the EU, Hungary has become less dependent on Russian gas, he writes.

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