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Details of 2007 espionage case released

April 5th, 2019

After the publication of details of the 2007 espionage scandal in which Russian FSB agents had access to sensitive information on Hungarian secret agencies, a pro-government commentator finds it peculiar that politicians who in 2007 compromised Hungary’s security now accuse the government of serving Russian interests.

On Thursday, the Prosecution Service of Hungary published recently declassified documents on the 2007 secret service scandal. According to the report, György Szilvássy, Minister of Civilian Intelligence Services under the Gyurcsány government, as well as former Directors of the Office of National Security authorized Russian FSB agents to participate in an investigation at the Hungarian secret services, and have access to sensitive and classified information.

Magyar Nemzet’s Károly Villányi lambasts the former Gyurcsány government for compromising Hungary’s national interest and security by granting FSB agents access to sensitive information about Hungarian secret agencies. The pro-government columnist finds it peculiar that nowadays former PM Gyurcsány as well as the left-wing opposition parties accuse Prime Minister Orbán of compromising Hungary’s geostrategic interests by maintaining good relations with Russian President Putin.

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