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Repercussions of the Christchurch massacre

March 19th, 2019

A conservative blogger interprets the Christchurch spree as an anti-traditionalist attack on traditional values. A pro-government pundit wonders if the massacre could be a secret service plot. An alt-left commentator calls on the government to distance itself from the terrorist’s ideology.

On Mandiner, Kristóf Trombitás interprets the Christchurch mosque shooting as the latest battle in the war between traditionalists and anti-traditionalists. The conservative blogger contends that the shooter was a crazy psychopath who used historical figures including the Hungarians János Hunyadi and Mihály Szilágyi, who fought the Ottoman invaders in the 15th century, for his sick purposes. Trombitás writes that the shooter’s crazy ideas and act of terror have nothing to with Christianity or conservatism.

In his blog, the pro-government pundit Zsolt Bayer suspects that the Christchurch bloodshed was orchestrated by secret services to weaken anti-immigration parties. Bayer finds the terrorist spree utterly inhumane, adding that 95 per cent of European terrorist attacks have been committed by Muslim radicals. Bayer speculates that the shooting will be attributed to anti-immigrant policies by their opponents. Bayer mentions other ‘suspicious’ details that suggest to him that the whole episode could have been orchestrated by the secret services. He goes so far as to predict that in a day or two we will hear news that the Christchurch shooter was a fan of PM Orbán. Bayer concludes his piece by claiming that we will never learn whether the Christchurch mass murder was indeed a clandestine operation, but we do know for sure that secret services has been active in helping pro-migration, antinationalist cosmopolitan parties.

Mérce’s András Jámbor finds it sad that no Hungarian parties – with the honourable exception of the LMP – have publicly expressed their condolences. The alt-left blogger suggests that anti-immigrant political actors including the Hungarian government spread the same ‘fascist propaganda’ that was advocated by the Christchurch shooter. Jámbor would expect anti-immigration politicians and intellectuals to distance themselves clearly from the Christchurch terrorist as well as from his violent ideas.