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President Trump ‘exonerated’

March 30th, 2019

A pro-government columnist welcomes the outcome of the Muller investigation and believes that the accusation of ’Russian collusion’ against President Trump will backfire and may help him in his re-election bid.

 In Magyar Hírlap, Tamás Ulicza recalls that Democrats and the liberal media have taken a secret link between the Trump campaign and Russia for granted since mid-2016 and find it difficult to explain the result of the inquiry by special counsel Robert Muller which exonerated Mr. Trump and his team from that charge. He deems it pathetic on their part to cling to the remaining possibility that Mr. Trump has obstructed justice, and remarks that if there is no collusion, the obstruction of justice makes no sense. It now turns out, he writes, that instead of demoting Donald Trump before the end of his term, their crumbling accusations may well produce a boomerang effect, giving the President a better chance of winning a second term next year.

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