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Jewish site criticises US college admission policies

March 27th, 2019

A conservative author believes that the diversity principle applied in American university admission procedures is no better than the Numerus Clausus Act introduced in Hungary in 1920 to reduce the percentage of Jewish students.

On Neokohn, Gábor Sebes describes the system of admissions at American universities as designed to eliminate a high number of applicants because of their origins. Universities aim at ensuring the largest possible diversity among their students and employ subjective criteria (besides academic performance) to raise the percentage of Afro-American, Latino and Native American students. In practice, he suggests, this discriminates first of all  against students of East Asian origin. Sebes doesn’t deny that there may be valid reasons to give a hand to disadvantaged social groups, but finds it inconsistent to support that practice and meanwhile condemn the erstwhile Hungarian Numerus Clausus as a first step toward the Holocaust.