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Army modernization deemed necessary

March 6th, 2019

A liberal and a conservative pundit agree that the government’s plan to improve Hungary’s defence capability is necessary and reasonable. It serves the security of the country and also strengthens NATO.

On Index, Tamás Fábián quoting military experts contends that the government’s plan to beef up Hungary’s military capability (see BudaPost February 20) is required both by NATO membership and Hungary’s own defence interests. The liberal pundit dismisses allegations that the government is improving the army in order to prepare Hungary’s exit from NATO. Fábián suggests that NATO can provide security for European countries only if member states individually modernize their armies, in the absence of a cross-national plan to set up an EU defence force.

Magyar Hírlap’s Miklós András Lázin also thinks that the Hungarian government is following a pragmatic policy line in the development of Hungary’s defence capability. The pro-government finds criticism of the army reform plans expressed by opposition parties, some of which have diametrically opposed policies on the military, irresponsible. Miklós claims that while Jobbik want Hungary to leave NATO, the Left opposes military spending.

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