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Liberal analyst urges increasing opposition radicalism

January 16th, 2019

A liberal political scientist calls on opposition parties to combine radical initiatives in the public square with concerted preparations for the European Parliamentary elections.

On HVG.hu Dániel Hegedűs dismisses both the suggestion that the opposition should refrain from radicalism and the idea that it should boycott the European Parliament elections. He believes the opposition is too timid in its street protests. The political tension that has prompted thousands of people to take to the streets over the past few weeks is not sustainable until the European Parliament elections, he suggests, unless the demonstrations gradually become more radical. On the other hand, he continues, protests a few thousand strong will never force the government to change its policies or accept the opposition demands. Demonstrations must be combined with institutionalised endeavours within Parliament and some sort of coordinated participation at the elections for the European Parliament this spring. He agrees with those who argue for a joint opposition list for the European elections, but warns that such a move should be carefully prepared through joint initiatives beforehand, otherwise it will lead to another crushing electoral defeat.

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