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Left accused of whitewashing Jobbik’s racism

January 24th, 2019

A pro-government commentator claims that Jobbik has remained an anti-Semitic party, and finds it nauseating that the Left is willing to cooperate with the party, nonetheless.

Hír TV aired video footage in which Jobbik leader Tamás Sneider’s wife during their 2015 wedding appears to perform a Nazi salute. Tamás Sneider has denied the accusations, and said the salute was just a joke.

In Magyar Hírlap, Károly Bán finds it peculiar that left-wing parties are willing to cooperate with the ‘anti-Semitic and openly Nazi’ Jobbik party. The pro-government commentator recalls that Tamás Sneider in the early 1990s was the leader of a skinhead group, and was also sentenced for assaulting a Roma person. Bán mentions several anti-Semitic and racist performances of other Jobbik politicians from the past years. He contends that such scandals prove that Jobbik has not become a moderate party at all. Bán accuses left-wing parties which are seeking to cooperate with Jobbik of trying to whitewash Jobbik’s ‘Nazi features’.

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