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A critique of isolationism

January 5th, 2019

An independent conservative pundit disagrees with President Trump whom he accuses of destroying the world order rather than reforming it. 

On Válasz online, Bálint Ablonczy concedes that the international organisations which constitute the framework of the post-war international order are largely inefficient. He warns, however, that the world is still better off with them than it would be without them. He thinks President Trump is going too far when he expresses the desire for the world order to be based on bilateral relations and agreements. There are issues – like nuclear non-proliferation or the protection of the environment – that no individual country is able to tackle on its own, not even the big ones, like the United States, Russia and China, Ablonczy explains. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is another great critic of the international organisations including the European Union and a supporter of President Trump’s policies, he notes. Ablonczy admits that Brussels does need to be kept in check because if its propensity to encroach into territories pertaining to national sovereignty, but all in all Hungary would be largely worse off without the European Union, he suggests.

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