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18-year-old girl becomes iconic opposition figure

January 19th, 2019

Pro-government outlets find it pathetic that the opposition discovers its main hero in a high school student who used vulgar expressions addressing an anti-government demonstration. Pro-opposition sites condemn politically motivated attacks on the 18-year-old.

Blanka Nagy, a high school student from Kiskunfélegyháza who has unexpectedly become a hero on the Left and a scapegoat on the Right, will be the most eagerly expected speaker at the opposition demonstration on Saturday afternoon in Budapest. She has addressed several anti-government rallies in her own Bács-Kiskun county and became famous after she used vulgar expressions to describe Fidesz and President Áder in mid-December. Since then she has been described by Origo as a student who is failing several courses and misses too many days at school. She denies those allegations and plans to sue her accusers.

On Pesti Srácok, Tamás Varga Bíró condemns the opposition for turning a young girl into ‘a political prostitute’. The pro-government commentator doesn’t blame the young student for becoming the hero of the opposition just because she used inadmissible language against the government side. He describes Blanka Nagy as a teenager for whom it is exciting to rebel against the adult world which is quite normal at her age. It is the opposition and its media that he finds guilty of ruthlessly using an immature person for their own purposes. He thinks the reason is that the opposition lacks presentable and popular figures.

444 carries a video with excerpts from Blanka Nagy’s speech at a rally in Kecskemét in December as well as from harsh-worded reactions by right-wing pundits on pro government TV channels. The left-liberal news site finds it troubling that the pro-government media should concentrate its fire on an 18-year-old girl – and that it should use expressions no less vulgar than those they condemn Blanka Nagy for.

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