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Soros is the FT’s Person of the Year

December 21st, 2018

A pro-government columnist is dismayed by the decision of the Financial Times to choose George Soros as the Person of the Year.

In the headline to his Figyelő article, Dániel Deák exclaims: ‘This is not a joke!’ His explanation for the choice made by the FT is that ‘pro-migrant forces are deploying all their resources in order to have their way’. He describes the London-based business daily as a ‘famously anti-Hungarian British newspaper’. Deák does however agree with one sentence in the long FT article on George Soros, which describes him as ‘the only individual with a foreign policy’. He recalls that when the Hungarian government accused the Hungarian-American financier and founder of the Open Society Foundations of pushing a political agenda, ’left-liberals retorted in unison that the stock market speculator had no political  ambitions.’