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Migration depicted as a threat to the West

December 3rd, 2018

Two right-wing columnists see Marxists behind much of the illegal migration to Europe. They suggest the Marxist Left uses global warming to promote mass population movements.

In Magyar Demokrata, István Gazdag speculates that global warming is being used by “cultural Marxists” as a tool to promote mass migration. The author, known for his extremist views, even alleges that the existence of “the white race” endangered. He speculates that climate change will unleash another wave of global migration, as a result of which “dark-skinned people will colonize the countries of white people”. Gazdag finds it absurd that global warming is attributed to developed countries in an attempt at morally oblige white people to take in ‘climate refugees’.

Magyar Idők’s Zsolt Bayer accuses the EU leadership of turning Europe into a war zone through promoting illegal migration. In his interpretation, Europeans live under constant fear of terrorism, and Christians cannot even even Christmas fairs as a result. Bayer accuses “Communist internationalists” in Brussels of using a “neo-totalitarian PC-language” when they claim that it is the humanitarian duty of Europe to legalise illegal migration.