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Fidesz still most popular among young Hungarians

December 22nd, 2018

While most of the anti-government demonstrators over the past ten days in Budapest and some major cities were young people, a fresh opinion poll shows that Fidesz is still way ahead of its competitors among the young.

On Index, Szabolcs Dull writes that although young people were largely overrepresented at the anti-government demonstrations, the young generation is not necessarily more critical of the government than the average. A fresh poll made by Medián for Index shows Fidesz by far the most popular political party among the 18-to-25-year cohort with 36 per cent, followed by Jobbik (11%) and Momentum (10%). Support for Fidesz among the total population is measured at 38 per cent. He also analyses another poll by Medián which shows that a slight absolute majority of the population (54 per cent) would favour a generational change in government. Although that question is implicitly about a possible new prime minister, Dull finds it interesting that one out of four Fidesz supporters would also welcome a generational change.

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