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Demonstration planned against the Overtime Bill

December 7th, 2018

An alt-left columnist urges his readers to attend Saturday’s march against the planned extension of overtime limits and criticises Socialist leaders who compare themselves to the French yellow vest movement.

On Mérce, András Jámbor fulminates against the leaders of the MSZP and Párbeszéd who had themselves photographed wearing yellow vests in protest against a bill that is meant to raise the limit on overtime working hours from 250 to 400 a year. In addition, it proposes to calculate overtime over a 3 year period, instead of the present one. This has triggered the charge that the bill is designed to please big German car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes and (in future) BMW, who are suffering from a growing shortage of skilled labourers.

Jámbor calls the opposition leaders lukewarm protesters whose toughest plans include complaining to the president of the republic and initiating a referendum, thus they hardly deserve comparison with the French ‘yellow-vest’ protesters. Nevertheless, he encourages all critics of the government to show up at Saturday’s demonstration against what the opposition calls ‘the slavery bill’.

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