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PM Orbán calls for a strong Central Europe

November 19th, 2018

A pro-government columnist agrees with the Prime Minister’s strategy to strengthen Central European regional cooperation. A left-wing commentator thinks Viktor Orbán’s hopes for Central Europe are just pie in the sky.

In his speech at the Standing Conference of Hungarians, a joint forum of Hungarian MPs and transborder Hungarian organisations, Prime Minister Orbán said he aims to make Hungary one of the top five countries in Europe in terms of livability. He predicted that the Visegrád countries will become increasingly important economic and political actors within a European Union currently dominated by the German-French axis. The Prime Minister called for close coordination among Central European countries in order to strengthen their economic, political and cultural cooperation. He added that Western European countries are facing unsurmountable demographic challenges, and that multiculturalism will completely change politics in the West.

Magyar Idők’s Zsolt Bayer believes that Western Europe is facing a civilizational decline. The pro-government commentator thinks that Hungary should not join a Western world he claims is crippled by individualism, consumerism and ‘sick’ political ideologies. Instead of trying to adopt Western European norms, Hungary should focus on creating a strong union of Central European states, Bayer contends. He adds that stronger regional cooperation will also help restore the unity of the Carpathian Basin and unite Hungarians living in Hungary with those who live in the neighboring states.

In a sarcastic Népszava article, György Sebes mocks the Prime Minister’s vision. The left-wing columnist calls Mr. Orbán’s plan to make Hungary one of the most livable countries in Europe a rhetorical stunt. By offering a pipe dream about Hungary’s beautiful future, PM Orbán wants to divert attention from the current problems in Hungary, Sebes believes. He thinks the most important message of the speech is that Mr Orbán plans to stay in power at least until 2030.

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