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Fidesz popularity unbroken

November 30th, 2018

A conservative political scientist claims that due to Fidesz migration politics, radical parties are much weaker in Hungary than in most European countries.

According to the Závecz Research pollster company’s November survey, Fidesz has maintained its lead by 36 per cent among all voters. MSZP and Jobbik both stand at 7 per cent, followed by the Democratic Coalition (5 per cent) and the LMP (3 per cent), the Twin-Tailed Dog Party (3 per cent) and Momentum (3 per cent).

In Mozgástér blog, Béla Galló points out that Hungary’s party structure is one of the most stable in Europe. While anti-elitist radical parties including the French National Front and the German AfD are gaining momentum throughout Europe, what he calls the Hungarian centre is resilient to such challenges. The continuing popularity of Fidesz should be put down to the governing party’s anti-immigrant policies, which took the wind out of the sails of more radical contenders, he suggests.

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