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Fears expressed over ‘liberal communist’ ideology

November 15th, 2018

A pro-government pundit fulminates over what he calls the ’liberal communist’ ideology and accuses its representatives of promoting migration in the hope of depriving people of their property.

In Magyar Idők, Bálint Botond thinks that the communist threat is back. The pro-government sociologist likens contemporary left-wing liberal ideology to the communist vision, and claims that today’s ‘liberal communists’ target white men rather than capitalists. Botond speculates that liberals want to punish talented and lucky individuals in the name of strict equality. He accuses the NGOs that act as the ‘vanguards’ of ‘liberal communists’ of using the migrant crisis to advance their redistribution doctrines by suggesting that migrants have legitimate claims to the property of Hungarians’. He goes on to predict that liberals will soon embrace Islam in an effort to force societies into submission, erase Christianity and introduce dictatorship. Botond believes that ‘liberal communists’ are aligned with multinational corporations, and he praises China and Russia for not allowing global technological giants to curtail their national sovereignty. As for Hungary, he mentions the opposition media and the alt-left blog Mérce as examples of this ideology, and suggests that their attacks on the government are aimed at preparing the ground for labelling all Hungarian entrepreneurs as class enemies. If they succeed, they will rob everyone, including middle class Hungarians, of all their property, Botond claims.

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