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Remembering the martyrs of the 1948-49 revolution

October 8th, 2018

Two pro-government authors recall the martyrs of the 1848-49 revolution, and call on Hungarians to defend national sovereignty in the same spirit.

In Magyar Hírlap, Sándor Faggyas draws political coclusions from the fate of the thirteen generals executed in 1849 in Arad by the Austrian crown after the defeat of the 1848-49 Hungarian revolution and war of independence. Hungary, the pro-government pundit explains, was left on her own by European powers which followed their own geopolitical interests. They tried to maintain the European status quo and their own position by siding with Austria against the Hungarian pro-independence revolution. Faggyas likens today’s European leaders to their 19th century predecessors and accuses them of trying to determine the future of the continent in line with their own selfish interests, even at the cost of oppressing smaller nations. As in 1848, Hungary’s most important aim is to preserve national sovereignty and prevent outsiders from determining its future, whether friends or enemies, Faggyas concludes.

In Pest Srácok, Tamás Pilhál stresses that the martyrs of the 1848-49 revolution died whilst defending Hungarian independence. As the pro-government commentator sees it, today’s Hungarians must follow the same objectives, and defend their sovereignty from a ‘decadent and liberal’ European Union that wants to end Hungary’s self-determination by importing ‘barbarian conquerors’ who deprive Hungary of her religion and culture. Pilhál hopes that Hungary will stand firm and retain her sovereignty.

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