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CEU sets 1 December deadline

October 27th, 2018

The Central European University is preparing to transfer most of its courses to Vienna, but has given the government 36 days to sign an agreement which would keep the Soros-founded University in Budapest. A pro-government columnist dismisses the announcement as ‘an advertisement aimed at recruiting students.’

On Pesti Srácok, Áron Ambrózy suggests that CEU has already decided to move all its US degree courses from Budapest to Vienna. He admits that it is unclear to what extent the conditions set by Parliament last year have been fulfilled, namely whether CEU has set up an authentic campus in New York State as it claims. Nevertheless, he calls the announcement made by CEU President Michael Ignatieff ‘marketing hysteria’ as CEU will launch courses in Vienna next year in any case, whether the government will have signed an agreement with the state of New York on CEU or not. Therefore, Ambrózy believes, what is going on at present, is the expansion of a university across the borders and the political smoke around it only serves the purpose of luring students to the new Vienna campus.


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