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Left-wing opposition protests against government

September 19th, 2018

A pro-government commentator accuses left-wing parties that supported the recent resolution of the European Parliament to punish Hungary, of treason. An alt-left blogger thinks that the Left’s call for demonstrations is futile and even counterproductive.

On Sunday, about a thousand left-wing sympathisers demonstrated in support of the European Parliament vote on the Sargentini report. The report, passed on Wednesday, found Hungary at fault on several counts including the rule of law and the treatment of asylum seekers. In his speech, former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány claimed that Hungary has become a dictatorship, and thus its government cannot be replaced by normal parliamentary means, but only through mass public protests. The government issued a press release accusing left-wing parties of serving the interests of pro-immigration EU politicians.

In Magyar Idők, Bence Apáti thinks that the left-wing opposition parties want to grab power with the help of foreign countries and political actors.  The pro-government columnist accuses those left-wing parties that voted in favor of the Sargentin report of treason. Apáti finds it absurd for former PM Gyurcsány to call for the defence of democratic norms. He recalls that under Mr Gyurcsány’s watch, police brutally attacked demonstrators in October 2006. He goes on to claim that liberals as well as communists hate the people and democracy and cooperate with Western European countries in order to replace the Orbán government.

Mérce’s András Jámbor finds it unlikely that the opposition protests will reach any of the aims set by the participating parties. The alt-left blogger acknowledges that the opposition can hardly achieve anything through criticizing the government in Parliament, but he also thinks that it is no less futile to demand a new government on the streets. Jámbor suggests that the opposition demonstrations are part of the battle of the left-wing parties for the leadership of the opposition. Such protests, however, have not increased the overall support of the Left one iota, Jámbor points out. Rather than loudly protesting against the government, the left-wing opposition should first work out a meaningful and credible alternative to the current government’s program, Jámbor believes.

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