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EU vote seen as another 9/11

September 15th, 2018

A former leading intelligence operative fears that the influx of masses of immigrants from the Third World may destroy Europe as we know it and the conflict over the migration issue may split the European Union.

In Magyar Idők László Földi, who served as director of operations at the Hungarian Information (Intelligence) Agency in the mid-1990s depicts a desolate image of Western Europe deviating from its own heritage and forgetting the conservative ideas of the founders of European integration. Despite the current lull in the flow of migrants from Asia, he is certain that the pressure of migration through the Balkans and the Mediterranean will increase in the long run and that Europe will not be able to integrate the new arrivals. The clash between what he calls the ‘pro-immigration MEPs’ and the Hungarian PM in the European Parliament on Tuesday (September 11) reminded Földi of the 9/11 terror attacks in the sense that they opened a new era in European history. The decade-long ‘fermentation’ underway in Western Europe, he writes, “must be stopped at the shores of the countries who still value themselves and their cultures.” If Europe thus splits in two, he concludes, it will take several decades, maybe centuries, to reunite the continent on the basis of a common European identity.