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Viktor Orbán’s success attributed to Christian democratic governance

July 16th, 2018

A pro-government commentator ascribes the Orbán government’s success to PM Orbán’s decision to abandon liberal ideology and follow Christian democratic principles instead.

In Magyar Demokrata, István Kovács contends that the world is going through a deep systemic change. The conservative lawyer believes that liberal democracy has failed and multiculturalism and liberal tolerance are no longer supported by the masses. Liberalism promised equality, but inequality has increased further, Kovács claims. He goes on to add that in the meantime, liberals turned increasingly towards identity politics instead of addressing inequality. Kovács explains the anti-establishment revolt, including the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump as US president, as symptoms of the decline of liberal democratic ideology and liberal elites. Anti-establishment protest parties, however, cannot resolve the deep crisis, Kovács ruminates. He notes that if discontent grows further in the developed world, revolutions may soon follow. Kovács explains PM Orbán’s success with the Prime Minister’s decision to abandon liberal ideology and embrace what he calls Christian democracy. Under PM Orbán, the Hungarian economy has grown fast and the government’s social policies have strengthened equality, he suggests. PM Orbán was the first politician to realize that migration needs to be stopped so that Christian Europe can be defended. His Christian democratic vision has helped him to lead but at the same time, moderate anti-establishment discontent, and keep it within democratic politics, Kovács concludes.