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Trump’s politics in the spotlight

July 27th, 2018

A liberal analyst believes that US President Trump’s ‘simulated madness’ helps him broker deals at the international level. A conservative economist explains US geopolitics in terms of Donald Trump’s efforts to put the US national interest before private business interests.

In Heti Világgazdaság, István Dobozi thinks that US President Trump’s unpredictability is both calculated and principled. The liberal pundit likens President Trump’s strategy to Machiavelli’s ‘simulated madness’. By suggesting that he is an unpredictable and angry loose cannon, President Trump can broker more advantageous deals on the international level than might be achieved with a more coherent and cohesive rhetoric, Dobozi concludes.

In Magyar Hírlap, Imre Boros claims that the organizing principle of President Trump’s policy is national sovereignty. The conservative economist believes that the US became a ‘global policeman’ in the pursuit of economic interest. The US has expanded its geopolitical power and spent vast amounts of money on maintaining a global order favourable to US business, Boros writes. He suggests that President Trump wants to change this practice, and make sure that less public revenue is spent on global projects which serve US private business and multinational companies, rather than the American nation.

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