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Liberal fears over entrenched privacy norms

July 16th, 2018

A liberal columnist fears that the constitutional amendments on privacy will decrease transparency.

In Magyar Narancs, Péter Nádori dissects the new constitutional provisions on privacy included in the June amendments to Hungary’s Fundamental Law. The liberal pundit points out that the amended constitution entrenches the privacy of politicians. Nádori welcomes the amendment that makes it possible for courts to ban political protests at the homes of politicians. Such events, Nádori argues, have indeed violated the privacy of politician’s family, including their children. He, however, finds it highly problematic that the amended constitution stipulates that freedom of speech does not imply that one has the right to violate the dignity of others. In Nádori’s interpretation, the stricter privacy regulations will help politicians to silence their critics including the media by claiming that the publication of criticism or accusations of corruption could infringe on their right to dignity, or with their family members’ privacy.

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