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Budapest Pride 2018

July 10th, 2018

Commenting on Saturday’s Budapest Pride parade, a left-wing blogger suggests that both the Hungarian public in general and the police have established a healthy and normal relationship with the gay rights demonstration.

No news is good news, András Jámbor comments on Mérce on Saturday’s Budapest Pride parade. The alt-left blogger notes that the gay rights demonstration was peaceful, and less than 200 far-right protesters were outnumbered by tens of thousands of pro-LGBT marchers. While homophobic sentiments are still present in Hungary, anti-gay radicalism does not mobilize people, Jámbor asserts. He adds that the police did a good job, once again, in securing the march in a civilized way. Jámbor also welcomes the fact that Budapest Pride was supported by several big companies. Nonetheless, he finds it controversial that gay rights activists cooperate closely with the same firms that sustain neoliberal markets and are also willing to cooperate with the government if their financial interests so require.



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