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A conservative take on the Budapest Pride

July 12th, 2018

A conservative critic of the Budapest Pride walk thinks that homosexuality is a private affair. She fears that the public display of homosexuality and transgenderism may influence children.

Commenting on last Sunday’s Budapest Pride march in Magyar Idők, Kata Jurák (see BudaPost July 10) argues that homosexuality is a private affair and people should not publicly demonstrate their sexual preferences. The conservative columnist labels the gay pride walk a ‘provocation’ that insults Christians. Jurák finds the sight of hugging and kissing same sex couples ‘simply disgusting’, and accuses the Budapest Pride of trying to normalize and even popularize homosexual ‘aberrations and sickness’ through public demonstrations. Jurák speculates that pro-gay rights demonstrations are part of what she calls the campaign of liberal human rights activists to transform culture and make homosexuality a normal thing. This, Jurák fears, will create a new model of gender and sexuality, which may even encourage children not only to tolerate homosexuals and transgender people, but also to join their ranks.

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