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Ruminations on the Trump Kim summit

June 14th, 2018

A pro-government and a left-wing columnist agree that the meeting of US and North Korean leaders was a media stunt that may not have geopolitical implications.

In Magyar Idők, Loretta Tóth thinks that the Trump Kim summit is a farce. Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un used the opportunity to get even more visibility, but it is unclear if the meeting of the two leaders will have any substantial impact on the relationship of the US and North Korea, the pro-government commentator writes. Tóth adds that Donald Trump behaves like a ‘temperamental teenager’, which may well play into the hands of a North Korean leadership which, according to Tóth, follows strategic calculations.

Népszava’s János Kárpáti also wonders if the Trump Kim summit is anything more than a media show. The left-wing commentator believes that both politicians used the opportunity to gain attention. It is, however, unclear if the resounding declarations concerning nuclear disarmament will be followed by real policy arrangements, Kárpáti suggests. If the summit does indeed yield tangible diplomatic results, Europe will become even less important on the global stage.