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Government and opposition blamed alike for the Stop Soros bill

June 25th, 2018

A left-wing commentator excoriates the government for passing the bill against organisations which support asylum seekers, and the amendments to the constitution passed with it, but lambasts the opposition as well for its passive behaviour.
On Zoom.hu, András Murányi, the last editor of Népszabadság launches a bitter diatribe against all political sides represented in Parliament after the new legislation on immigration was passed  on Wednesday (See BudaPost, June 22). On that date, he writes, ‘Hungary ceased to be a country’. He calls the ’Stop Soros law’ ‘the most abject, cynical and mendacious piece of legislation of the past several decades’. As a result, he continues, on the one hand he sees ‘an inhumane and hypocritical’ side, and an ‘impotent group’ of opposition politicians on the other. The opposition did not protest, did not represent the opponents, did not try to mobilize the masses which held three big demonstrations after the elections last spring – it has not done its job, he fulminates. ‘We might as well disband as there’s surely nothing worth seeing here’, he concludes.

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