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Steve Bannon’s ideology likened to PM Orbán’s vision

May 29th, 2018

A pro-government columnist thinks that PM Orbán’s politics is fully in-line with Steve Bannon’s ideology.

In Magyar Idők, László Szőcs commenting on Steve Bannon’ speech in Budapest thinks PM Orbán and Bannon are connected by their political visions. The pro-government underlines that both Steve Bannon and the Hungarian Prime Minister have realized that they need to target everyday voters who reject progressive liberal ideas, and instead want simple lives and advocate traditional national, religious and family values. Szőcs explains Donald Trump’s and Viktor Orbán’s successes as the ‘revolt of the masses’ against liberal cosmopolitan, secular-minded and pro-gay-marriage elites. In this victory, Steve Bannon’s ideology had a major role, Szőcs concludes.

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