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Fukuyama in agreement with PM Orbán

May 19th, 2018

A pro-government political analyst welcomes Francis Fukuyama’s recent statement, in which the American liberal political thinker called for an end to uncontrolled migration and the protection the EU’s borders – echoing the proposals of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Commenting on Francis Fukuyama’s interview with IPG, a German Social Democrat journal in his Mozgástér blog, Zoltán Kiszely points out that Fukuyama has revised his previous thoughts on liberal democracy. While the American philosopher is still optimistic about the long term success of liberalism, he also acknowledges the need for border protection and migration control. As for the EU, Fukuyama says exactly what PM Orbán has advocated concerning the need for to protect the EU’s external borders in order to sustain free movement within the Schengen zone, Kiszely claims. He suggests that Fukuyama is now also in agreement with PM Orbán in that uncontrolled migration would destabilize Europe, and thus the EU should help people in need in their homelands rather them let them into the EU. All this, Kiszely contends, shows that even mainstream neo-liberal thinkers need to acknowledge that their criticism of border control and PM Orbán has been proven wrong by reality.

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