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Fourth Orbán government sworn in

May 21st, 2018

As the fourth Orbán government is elected by Parliament, pro-government commentators point out that governance is stable in Hungary. They hope that PM Orbán’s commitment to put national interests first will help him overcome any difficulties.

Magyar Hírlap’s Sándor Faggyas describes the form and and stable governing structures in place in Hungary as boding well for the future. The pro-government columnist notes that while forming a government in several European countries is a long process, in Hungary it only took the new government 40 days after election day to be sworn in. Faggyas welcomes Prime Minister Orbán’s suggestion that the government will set out a policy path for another 12 years. He thinks that at least that many years are necessary for the Prime Minister to put his grandiose aims into practice, including making Hungary one of the most advanced and wealthy countries in the EU.

In Magyar Idők, Ottó Gajdics also suspects that the fourth Orbán government will have to face tough challenges. The pro-government columnist sees it as crucially important for Hungary that PM Orbán has a clear guiding principle, namely putting Hungary first, that will help his government to face all difficulties.