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Controversial government policies seen as a ‘conservative revolution’

May 30th, 2018

A pro-government political scientist interprets the oft-criticised policies of the Hungarian government as efforts aimed at completing the transition from the Communist regime.

In Magyar IdőkTamás Fricz argues that after two decades of a mixed regime after the fall of Communism, the conservative side is now working on consolidating the new socio-political system.  The political changes in 1990 left the supremacy of the Left intact in all spheres of life, he claims. In an aside, he remarks that vestiges of the old élite are still at work in the judiciary. All in all, however, the left is by now discredited which made it possible for Fidesz to gain a two thirds majority in Parliament for the third time in a row. Conservative thinkers put forward more interesting ideas than their leftist colleagues, he believes. Nowadays the conservatives are innovative, while the progressives are ‘provincial and uninteresting’.  What remains to be done is making the goals of the conservative takeover clear, Fricz writes. In order to complete that job (and the regime change with it), he concludes, the time has come for open debates within the winning camp.

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